Jeremy's Book Report

Jeremy (AKA Mo -- long story as to why his beautiful name became Mo) as an eleven year old Portland, Oregon, fifth grader, was given the assignment to write a book report, his first one ever. The teacher explained to the class that this report was to be a biography. Defining biograpy, the teacher suggested students choose someone familiar as the subject matter. Jeremy chose me, his grandmother, as the familiar. Furthermore he chose to write the report on my memoir/biography No Sex in St. Tropez. His teacher was skeptical! Sex was not a word the 5th grade teacher wanted in his classroom even if it belonged to his student's grandmother in the title of her memoir, No Sex in St. Tropez. Nevertheless, all became settled after Jeremy's mother, Tamy, went to school on her son's behalf.

The photo to the left is from June 2012 when Jeremy was at a University of Alabama football summer camp.

Now, click here to read Jeremy's book report of No Sex in St. Tropez along with teacher's comments and grade.


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1Sunday, 04 November 2012 15:34
June Nethers
Very good! I'm glad the teacher was able to get by the word "sex" because Jeremy did a fine job of condensing the story.

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