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Not Your Mother's Woman's Book

Since publication July 2011, readers are talking about No Sex in St. Tropez in book groups and buying it for Nook & Kindle from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com.

The easiest way to buy my book is to click here and then click the green button for the paperback or ebook version that you want. You can also use the BUY! menu button toward the top of this page.

I’ve received over 100 orders from people who prefer not purchasing online using a credit card. To them I suggest try this:   Buy an Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card at a local supermarket or wherever gift cards are sold. Then click here and click the appropriate green buy button on the page that appears. Follow the prompts for buying the book, then when payment is requested, see an option for “gift card”; type in the gift card number instead of credit card information. If the purchase does not use up the full amount of the gift card, the remaining amount will be available for future purchases.

Of course you can always contact me via the Contact Author page or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and I will send you a signed copy of No Sex in St. Tropez for $20 which includes tax and shipping.

I have a very cool 2 minute musical video of St. Tropez taken by a special someone featured in the book. Click here to see the video!

Joan writes: When I first took a look at this lovely book, so evocative of France and travel in the 1970s, I thought it was just a new take on Eat Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. How surprised I was to discover a piece of writing so far removed from the typical coming-of-age travelogue. No Sex in St. Tropez chronicles enduring relationship mis-cues, and the wonder of exploration and delight that immersion in a different culture brings. Bravo to Ungar for bringing this book to us.”

An interesting take from a man, Hugh writes: “This is a book by a woman, and is primarily, whether or not intentionally, for women. But, I like it. Men can learn a thing or two from Ungar about how a woman understands us, avoids us or trusts us, the cost to her if we betray her, and how she will recoup. In Ungar’s tale she is on her own in a situation of her own making, with only her mixture of smarts, innocence, tenuous self-confidence, a bit of what-the-hell chutzpah, and a tendency to ask forgiveness, not permission. No Sex in St. Tropez carries the subtle gratification of friendships and self-knowledge that last a lifetime. May be a lesson there for us men.”

Use the Contact Author page to let me know what you think of No Sex in St. Tropez. I’d love to hear from you.


Detroit Jewish Book Fair


Last week my book was for sale at the Detroit Jewish Book Fair, the largest Jewish book fair in the country, host to over 20,000 readers and book enthusiasts. Attached are a few photos of me with my book No Sex in St. Tropez, along with author Josh Linkner who wrote Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity and whose dynamic speech brought an audience to a standing ovation.

He is holding a copy of my book that I signed for him. Another photo shows me with Wendy from the Detroit Jewish Community Center and, on her left, Karen, my friend and cheerleader.

If you have not yet purchased your copy of No Sex in St. Tropez, click the “Buy!” button above , or go to Select Authors, or just click here. You can purchase it as a paperback or for Kindle (Nook and other ereader formats will be ready in a couple of weeks).

DJBF-Karen-WendyNSiST-bcYou can also order my book from the service center at any Barnes & Noble and, if you live in Central Ohio, you can get it at The Book Loft in German Village, Golden Hobby in German Village, Stile Spa and Salon in Easton, and Hayley's Art Gallery in New Albany. You can also send me an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it requesting the book and I will send you a signed copy for $20 which includes postage and tax.


Happy Thanksgiving!


St. Tropez Video

No Sex in St. Topez  is centered in the world's most exciting and quaint resort village on the French Riviera. Take a look at this 2 minute St. Tropez video produced and directed by Geraldine D in September 2011. Turn up your volume and click here!


When Memoirs Are Challenged

This blog first appeared at Select Authors and is republished here with permision.

Memoir writers run the risk of being challenged. Unlike authors of fiction, who can cloak their characters in the anonymity of imagination, memoir writers write about real places, real events, and real people. Unless those people and everyone connected with them are no longer around, there is often disagreement about what really happened. Even when there is undeniable evidence of who said what to whom, people may dispute the memoir’s account.

Read the whole blog here.


Belva Plain - It's in the Details

The talented and prolific writer Belva Plain was my cousin. Her first book, “Evergreen,” was written when she was in her sixties. She went on to write more than twenty best sellers. Sadly, this beautiful woman recently passed away at age ninety-five.

I recall an incident cousin Belva described about writing and making it personal. She said to watch a piece of paper fall to the floor in the middle of a crowded room. Observe how people treat it, walk around it, kick it or step on it, notice it or don’t notice it, pick it up, look at it or ignore it, crumble it, put it in a pocket or stick it in a trash receptacle. Details. Details. Details.

Honorably I shared Belva Plain’s last name until I married. Her husband, Irving, was my cousin so I couldn’t inherit her writing genes. Some people in her famous first novel could have been my ancestors too. Was it all fiction? What makes great fiction? Is it the ability to bring people and places to life with carefully chosen descriptions that include the tiniest details? What do you think? Share your ideas.

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